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Admission Procedure

SJPS at present admit students in classes Nursery to Std 10th. Through phased extension in terms of classes and sections each year SJPS will admit students to every class it operates.

In line with its philosophy that each child is unique and has her own inborn gifts and talents, SJPS believes that it is neither fair nor possible to ‘test’ very young children and therefore admission is based on a brief meeting with the child and his/her parents.

For the Primary /Middle school there will be a brief interview and a short written test for eligibility. A candidate´s basic skills in English, Hindi and Mathematics are evaluated through a basic written test, as required in the class to which admission is sought. The interviews are designed to get a measure of the candidates' interest, aptitude and competence in various activities as also to ascertain whether their families are in tune with the Sunshine way of thinking and doing things. Parents are requested not to put their children through the rigors of ‘preparing’ for an interview. This goes against the very ethos of the school. We believe in qualitative assessment and not quantitative assessment.

Admissions Procedure

  • Admissions are open from classes Nursery to Std. X
  • Seats are limited in each class.
  • The Evaluation test will be held in the school. The admission form will be given once the child clears the Evaluation Test.
  • Inquiry forms can be obtained from the School's Office on all working days between 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
  • Eligibility criteria for Nursery is 3 years as on 31st May of that respective year.
  • Eligibility criteria for First standard is 6 years as on 31st May of that respective year.
  • Eligibility criteria for Second standard and above is based on Leaving / transfer certificate of the previous school.
  • The following have to be submitted along with the completed Admission Form: 
    a. Birth Certificate of the Child -2 Attested Copies.
    b. Health Certificate of the Child. 
    c. Information about Allergies of the Child, if any. 
    d. 2 recent passport photographs of the Child. 
    e. 1 photograph each of parents. 
    f. School Leaving / transfer Certificate in original.
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