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CBSE Affilliation

St. Joseph Public School is affiliated to CBSE Board, which is the Board of choice of thousands of schools across the nation. It has been revamped in the last 2 years and now has a true, holistic approach towards the education of a child. After considerable research and deliberation we strongly feel that the CBSE board is more beneficial to our students. http://www.cbseacademic.in/ or http://www.cbse.nic.in/.
Please find below what the CBSE board stands for and reasons why the CBSE has shifted away from the system of assessment which they were following for so many years.
When students are evaluated through a single exam at the end of 10 years of school education, a lot of stress and anxiety tends to build up and quite a few children do not perform very well at the Board exams. Limited techniques of evaluation also do not really help to identify the learner´s true level of accomplishment.
The CBSE after considerable research, devised the CCE which is a continuous comprehensive Evaluation-‘Continuous’ stands for assessment of a student throughout the year, not just at the end of a term. It may be done formally or in an informal way, using different techniques of evaluation. ‘Comprehensive’ takes care of assessment of the all round development of a child´s personality. A child is assessed not only in terms of his knowledge about a subject but his participation in other activities too.
CCE also helps, because with continuous evaluation a timely diagnosis of learning gaps can be made and remedial intervention can follow. It also helps to shift the focus from the Need to Learn To Love for Learning. Further, it gives the teachers the flexibility to evaluate children in many ways thus catering to Multiple Intelligences and not just pen and paper tests.
The CBSE has a major part of all their evaluations set in MCQ format and are moving even more of the content into similar format. They are trying to bridge the divide between school exams and the way testing is done outside. The examination pattern of entrance examinations (IIT-JEE & PMT) follows that of CBSE. The same is followed for SAT and other such tests.
Sunshine School has already been following a similar pattern from its inception in 2003 and we therefore find it very easy to merge fully into the CBSE system. The format of formative and summative assessments has continued. We had adopted the documentation of assessment from the CBSE since we found it very functional and positive. http://www.cbse.nic.in/cce/index.html
Another plus point is that the CBSE offers Hindi at a lower level and it would therefore benefit our students as in Goa Hindi is not the spoken language. The CBSE also offers English in a Communicative format which takes into account the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills in a very structured manner. The content in Math and the Sciences is at the age appropriate level as some concepts have been well balanced for each class. The Social studies curriculum is a very interesting, broad based one and is an extension of the 9th std so that there is connection between the two years. The CBSE has a team which revises curriculum, content and textbooks every year and is therefore considered a very progressive Board.
At the end of class IX and X, CBSE offers an optional Aptitude test for all the students. This will help us test the aptitude of our students and will help determine what their future scope of study should be. It is not co-related with admission to Class 11.

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